About the Artist

What are you passionate about? Nature? Art? Equality? Something else?

I am a digital artist who is passionate about all of those things, and more. My art varies from wildlife portraits, to social commentary. I support BLM, I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and I think everyone deserves to live without worrying about housing, food, water, healthcare, or other basic necessities. People, and animals, deserve to be happy.

I am endlessly fascinated by humanity, and how we are both cruel and compassionate. People often forget we are animals, but if you look at our behavior through that lens, it starts to make more sense. Unfortunately, our instincts are strong, and we are often cruel to those around us. I hope one day, we can learn to live beyond our cruelty, and become better than our instincts. I hope we can lift each other up, support each other, celebrate our successes, and failures, together, as one people, one country, one planet.

I also run walking-nature.com where you can find many of my wildlife portraits available on shirts or as art prints.  

You can also check me out on YouTube as The Artist POD where I do art tutorials--typically with my wildlife portraits.  Check that out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMJpgaXiHDKbjT6Rg3xwfzw