What Will You Give Me in Exchange for Lives?

What Will You Give Me in Exchange for Lives?

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A butterfly that is the Earth, has the veins that run through it's wings red, like blood. The wings deconstruct at the edges, where the red veins turn into dripping blood. We bleed people and the planet dry for resources in order to make a profit. How much are the lives of people, animals, and our planet worth? When we destroy everything, will that price have been worth it? The butterfly is often associated with rebirth, transformation, and hope, but here, it is dying--it can't sustain our blood thirsty greed.


This is the original work of art, and is set up to be printed on a 16x20 canvas.  As a digital artist working in a digital medium the size can be fluid until it is printed.


Smaller sizes are available as art prints for a discounted rate.

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